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The Complete Angular 2 With Typescript Course - Update RC 6

  • 2016-09-04
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The code of this course is up to date with the latest Angular 2 Release Candidate  (2.0.0-rc6) - last updated on 1st September 2016. 85%  of the videos are already updated to RC6, only part of the router section is pending. The update will be available in the next few days.

NOTE: The last section of the course “Build An App With Firebase” will be available very soon. If you purchase the course now at a lower price you will get the remaining sections at no extra cost.

Important: By enrolling you also get very fast and friendly student assistance. If you have questions please post a question and i’ll get back to you ASAP. Remember I’m here (every day) to help you and can answer you also in French and Spanish if you prefer.

The course is an Early Preview, as Angular 2 is undergoing changes, but there are already 90+ lessons available. Enroll now and you will get the remaining lessons soon at no extra cost.

Student Reviews

> Venkateswara 5 stars - “This is really a jump start with minimal tools to become an expert. I was a fan of Angular now a die hard fan of Angular 2.”

James Barlow 5 stars - “Very impressed  Great run through of all the little fiddly bits needed to get up and running, and doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of Angular 2. A bit of prior experience of ES6 or Typescript will help.”

Dao Thanh 5 stars - “The course has great content presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way. It really helps me understand Angular 2 better.”

**Why Learn Angular 2 ?      **

Angular 2 is clearly the next big thing in the software development landscape ! Angular 2 brings frontend development to a new level of simplicity, and will enable companies to work in the way they always wanted : with teams of Full Stack Developers. Its just not practical to divide functional requests across technological borders.

The familiarity of Angular 2 and Typescript to backend developers typically used to object oriented languages like Java or C# will be the killer feature that will enable its adoption: these are new technologies full of powerful features, but still they look so familiar.

If you are a professional software developer working on an enterprise setting, but also in a consumer-driven organization: You simply must learn Angular 2.

What is in this Course?

This is an introduction to Angular 2 and its surrounding Ecosystem - including Typescript and SystemJs.

The course contains an Introduction To Typescript, Components and Directives, Pipes, Services, building the service layer with Observables and RxJs, how to setup a development project and more. As mentioned it will contain as well Forms, Routing and how to build a full application (using Firebase as the database).

How is the course structured?

The goal is to introduce Angular 2 concepts step by step in a sequential way, each concept building on the previous.

At the end of each major section is a practical exercise, and in the final project we will build an application where we will learn how to implement common UI patterns such as: creation forms, master-detail, search and pagination.

The database that the end project application will use is Firebase.

Current Course Status

**This course  is about 90% done. **Its missing only the final project Angular 2 + Firebase which depended on the router section released just recently, this is the top priority for this course get this section done. You can expect it (and I want to conservative with the estimate) worst case scenario in the end of August, probably before.

Why should you take the course?

This condensed course will spare you what can easily amount from weeks to months of research, and will give you insights only possible by having used Angular 2 in practice.

The goal of the course is to cover the fundamental aspects of Angular 2 development, establishing some solid ground for getting started using the framework.

Who should take this course ?

The course is designed for beginners, although intermediate and advanced students without prior knowledge of the framework would still learn Angular 2 a lot faster by taking this course.

Show me the Code

All code examples are available under the form of a small, isolated node module (as a zip file installable with npm install).

Angular 2 versions covered

This course is updated up to Angular 2 Release Candidate.

*Reminder: Like for all Udemy courses, a full 30 day money back guarantee is provided if the training material does not meet your expectations - and that means FULL refund, no questions asked.