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Arduino and DIY vegetable factory measurements

  • 2016-11-07
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This course teaches you how to conduct measurement of environmental variables on your micro-scaled “vegetable factory” as DIY, using relevant sensors and Arduino. This is the first introductory course that I cover on vegetable factories. The follow-up courses will be coming up soon: automated operations using actuators, IoT-based data exchanges, how to create and monitor your own nutrient solutions - all on vegetable factories as DIY, designed for enthusiastic hobbyists.

Vegetable factories are usually considered as indoor greenhouses or hydroponics with heavy focus of IT deployment. You will learn what pieces of equipment are used and how they are applied to measure and monitor environmental variables required to grow plants.

The course provides both stationary presentation materials and videos in motion, and some quizzes which will address key points that you should remember. There are sample C programs available as well.

Overall there are 2 parts:

1. Introduction - mostly theoretical nature with not much actions. You may find it boring but some things are important to state if you are not familiar with what vegetable factory is about. We approach it not from commercial-class scales but from DIY as a hobby. This should be a good start as an experiment.

2. Measurements - this part is the main body of the course. You’ll apply measurement technique using sensors and Arduino to actually grow plants, and once you completed all sections, you’ll be comfortable to customize or add any enhancements / improvements as you desire with your own ideas, and you will also be able to apply your skills and knowledge to commercial-class facilities of vegetable factories as well as other fields that are not necessarily related to farming.

Thank you and enjoy!