The Complete HTML5 and CSS3 Course Free

The Complete HTML5 and CSS3 Course

  • 2016-10-05
  • 0.785 K

Do you want Design a Website? You Don’t know how?

The key is in my course.

In the recent century, using the Internet has become essential to
communication and gaining access to information. 
Internet comes with a certain level of expectation regarding the
attractiveness and ease of use of web pages. Web designers need to
create attractive and successful websites. HTML5 and CSS3 are
some of the most essential and evolving web technologies that enable you
to structure content and present it on the web. Knowledge of these
languages will help you create web pages that are easy to read and
appealing to users. This course lays the foundation for mastering these
two popular web publishing technologies.

This course also focuses on the new and advanced features of HTML5,
covering how to create HTML5 and CSS3 markup that will work well on the
widest possible variety of web browsers, mobile devices. The course also
show you how to use advanced HTML5 multimedia features such as
video, audio and use CSS3 for animation

This course contains Projects and prepare you for learning and coding better.

At the End of this course you can design Responsive Website and i designed a responsive Technology Website for all devices(Mobile, Tablet, Computer)

This course contains 16 sections:

Section 1 : Students will learn about what is this course about and Install Software requires

Section 2 : students will learn about Tags, such as Head,Paragraph, Lists,Images, Tables and etc…

Section 3 : Students will be able to create different kind of forms

Section 4 : Students will be able to use kinds of semantic element such as figure and figcaption,mark, article,section and etc…

Section 5 : Students will be able to use Video and Audio in HTML(5) Web page

Section 6 : Students will be know about CSS and style webpage with CSS for example change color,set format for text , set positions and etc…

Section 7 : Students will be know how to create 2D Elements

Section 8 : Students will be know how to create 3D Elements

Section 9 : Students able to change property values smoothly over a given duration

Section 10 : Students able to change element from one style to another style

Section 11 : Students able to change style images

Section 12 : Students able to change style Buttons

Section 13 : Students able to use responsive pagination with CSS(3)

Section 14 : Students able to design web page for all devices

Section 15 : Students able to design responsive websites by using HTML(5) and CSS(3)

Section 16 : Students will be ready for next step