React Native for Absolute Beginners Free

React Native for Absolute Beginners

  • 2016-09-29
  • 1.292 K

React Native is a powerful way to build mobile apps using javascript. Based on the React library (an open source javascript user interface library for web applications, developed by Facebook), React Native allows developers to quickly prototype working solutions for Android and iOS devices.

This course teaches the fundamentals of building user interfaces with React Native. The focus of the course is on the View portion of a full Model - View - Controller architecture; the Model and Controller portions are usually provided by such technologies as php / MySQL. In the course, we will learn to develop working user interface solutions. Topics include:

  • How to install React Native
  • Initializing and running a new project
  • Editing program code
  • Properties
  • States
  • Handling text input
  • Using CSS with React Native
  • Using Flexbox layout
  • List Views
  • Navigators

I hope you will join me for this exciting first look at React Native.