Let's Learn JavaScript By Coding Free

Let's Learn JavaScript By Coding

  • 2016-11-26
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In this tutorial we’re going to learn from scratch one of the most popular items in front end web development - JavaScript.

JavaScript is a client-side programming language which means that the program code is sent into your computer with the rest of the web page code then, your browser reads the code and does what it says.

The point is after taking this course you from the complete beginner will be able to implement your own JavaScript applications and be fluent in JavaScript code written by another developers. Using JavaScript you’ll be able to change things on the page, depending on user activities there. 
This means you’ll be able to work on modern interactive websites.

The very first topic we’re going to learn is what is JavaScript how to recognize it and the places JavaScript can be implemented in the web applications.

We’ll get down and continue learning from the simple JavaScript areas like lexical structures, Variables, Objects, Arrays, Functions, etc.

Once we understand JavaScript fundamentals, we’ll get down to more complex topics like JSON, Jquery, and Ajax.

We’ll then get down to the Document Object Model (DOM) in JavaScript and will cover finding elements, changing the document, attributes, layout, styling and many other items related to JavaScript document object model.

Of course we’ll also cover some of the areas related to JavaScript interaction with HTML and CSS. We will analyze J**avaScript Events Handling, Events and Document Object Model nodes, Event objects**, etc.

And of course we will be implementing **interesting code examples together **and explain them in a very detailed way so that upon completion of this course you’ll be able to use JavaScript to create interactivity and dynamic elements in your web applications.

In fact we’re going to learn from scratch a number of different aspects of JavaScript.

So let’s get started with the course!