Learn SVG Animation - With HTML, CSS & Javascript Free

Learn SVG Animation - With HTML, CSS & Javascript

  • 2016-09-16
  • 1.087 K

Looking to enhance your next web development project? Or learn one of the most sort after animation skills?

Within two hours you will have created Six SVG projects looking at a number of different animation techniques. Using animation within the user interface of a website is now standard practise. This fast and effective course will introduce use to new ways to improve your client projects.

All SVG files are provided but we do also work through creating the SVG files in Adobe Illustrator(or Similar). Lessons are taught with video screencasts, explained in detail as we work through real projects created directly for this course.

Projects Include

  • Animating Logos

  • Animating Social Icons

  • Hand Drawing Text

  • CSS animation properties explained

  • Using Gradients over Text and Icons (Cross Browser)

  • Using Masks

  • Using CodePen

  • Introduction to SVG Optimisation Online

For a complete beginner to SVG we recommend taking our other course in the series.